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Tickets to other online retail conference sell today for $1025, $1500 and $2575.
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2017 PROSPER sponsors

2017 PROSPER Sponsors

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Free passes to the ASD and SourceDirect shows for PROSPER Show attendees!

ASD / SourceDirect: March 19-22, 2017
PROSPER SHOW: March 22-23, 2017 (with workshops March 21)



Feedback from 2016 PROSPER Show

The show was amazing. You totally nailed it. And that’s not just me talking – feedback from other attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

I was blown away. I’ve been to plenty of events, hell, I’ve even run events and meetings in my corporate career. But PROSPER was exactly the right balance of knowledge, networking, and suppliers/tools.

This was the one of the best organized conferences I have attended. Everything you put together was top notch.

You did a phenomenal job, one of the most organized shows I’ve been to in a while! The sellers and vendors I talked to all seemed to agree!

NOBODY does it like the PROSPER Show! Thanks for putting up an awesome show for Amazon sellers.

2017 Keynote Presentation

Brand Imagined: Grow your Brand, Grow your Business

Rick Cesari

The Juiceman, Sonicare, George Foreman Grill, OxiClean, Rug Doctor, GoPro are just some of the national brands that Rick has helped build. Each product propelled company sales to over $100 Million. Hear the stories behind their launch and learn the secrets (proven techniques) to taking new products and turning them into iconic brands. 

Rick Cesari is Founder and CEO of Cesari Direct, a Marketing Agency based in Seattle, Washington.

2017 Program

This conference runs from March 22-23, 2017.
Pre-conference workshops run on March 21, 2017 (extra charges apply).
Day 1
21 Mar 2017
Day 2
22 Mar 2017
Day 3
23 Mar 2017

Workshop on Ecommerce Accounting

Ecommerce business owners need accounting to understand how their business is doing so they can make good, strategic decisions.  Trying to figure out your overall profitability from watching sales numbers...
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Scott Scharf

Workshop on Generating Outside Traffic to Your Amazon Listings

Listing your products on Amazon is one of the fastest ways to launch a brand online. However, to truly scale your eCommerce business, you’ll need to understand how to drive...
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Bryan Bowman

Workshop on Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon’s increasingly competitive marketplace has increased the need for sellers to use Sponsored Products. Amazon Sponsored Products advertising is the only seller tool available to display products outside of organic...
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Mike Ziegler*

Workshop on Private Label & Supply Chain Management in China (PL)

Building a successful private label brand with innovative products can lead to increased sales, profitability, market protection and company value. To achieve this usually means developing your own product line...
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Mark Clayton
Nick Cunningham

Conference Kickoff / Industry Overview & Agenda Review

WELCOME BACK! Joe Hansen and James Thomson, co-founders of PROSPER, outline the state of online sales today, and provide sneak peaks into exciting topics to be covered by the impressive...
Read More
Joseph Hansen
Joseph Hansen
James Thomson*

Effective Habits of the Successful Seller

What makes sellers grow to be big enough to be a Top 200 seller on Amazon? We are joined by a unique group of large sellers that have made the...
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Alon Gesthalter
Tyler Patzel
Jason Boyce
Eric Tong
Eytan Wiener

Amazon Sponsored Products

If you are trying to increase customer awareness on Amazon for your products (whether your own brand of products or products that you resell), Amazon Sponsored Products can be a...
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Mike Ziegler*

Channel Control on Amazon (AS, PL)

Richard Margiano is an intellectual property attorney with several years of experience working almost exclusively on behalf of sellers concerning the common issues that sellers face every day.  His...
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Rich Margiano

Accounting Best Practices for the Amazon Seller

Amazon Sellers are businesses and need to have accurate financial information to run their online business effectively.  This session will cover the cloud accounting systems you need, where to find...
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Scott Scharf

KEYNOTE: Brand Imagined — Grow your Brand, Grow your Business [Rick Cesari]

The Juiceman, Sonicare, George Foreman Grill, OxiClean, Rug Doctor, GoPro are just some of the national brands that Rick has helped build. Each product propelled company sales to over $100...
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Rick Cesari

Income and Sales Tax: Compliance Risks for Amazon FBA Sellers

What activities by an out-of-state online retailer are sufficient to trigger income tax  nexus or a  sales/use tax collection duty for the online retailer in a state?  If an online...
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Richard Cram

Sales Tax Collection & Remittance: What To Do Now

With so much change in the state tax regulations, it’s important to understand what these issues ultimately mean to your Amazon seller business. We will discuss the voluntary disclosure process, tax...
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Michael Fleming
Michael Fleming

The China Challenge (PL)

The China Challenge   Target Audience: Anyone planning to or currently importing products from China. Areas Covered & Takeaways: A quick intro and an overview of China. A discussion about...
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Nick Cunningham

2 Top Sellers/PROSPER Board Members + 6-piece Gold Nuggets = 2X your Revenue Today (AS)

Lao Tzu once said ‘Those who know don’t say, and those who say don’t know.’ He obviously didn’t meet Eytan Weiner of Quantum Networks and Chad Rubin, founder of Crucial...
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Eytan Wiener
Chad Rubin

Networking Event, sponsored by Avalara

Meet new business contacts. Reconnect with old business colleagues. Meet our exhibitors, a wide range of solution providers that can accelerate your online business. Join us for this memorable event....
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Reviews: White, Gray or Black – Will Your Reviews Strategy Get You In Trouble? (PL, AS)

Amazon’s Terms of Service are vague and Amazon sellers constantly debate their interpretation but what do we really know?  In this session we will explore Amazon’s TOS and tactics that...
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Ed Rosenberg
Jeff Cohen

Growing from $1MM to $10MM seller (AS, PL)

Grow Your Amazon Business From $1mm to $10mm Discover the expert secrets for strategically growing your Amazon business from $1mm to $10mm. Victor Rosenman, CEO of Feedvisor, will provide insights...
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Victor Rosenman

Use Outsourcing to Replace Yourself and 4x Your Revenue (AS)

We’ve all heard this, “work ON your business, NOT IN your business.” As Amazon sellers, most of us get caught up in doing tasks ourselves. From product research, to customer...
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Chad Rubin

Leverage Doesn’t Have To Be A Dirty Word

Every entrepreneur has a level of acceptance for debt, many are gun-shy when it comes to taking on debt.  In this workshop you will learn how debt and leverage, which...
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Ami Kassar

Improving Organic Ranking and Paid Placement Visibility Through Content Optimization

For many Amazon sellers, optimizing product content is misunderstood and underutilized. Most focus on strong content’s ability to increase listing relevancy, leading to a potential lift in organic ranking. But...
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Pat Petriello*

Supercharge Your Sales: A Seller’s Guide to Amazon SEO

Did you know Amazon has 300% more product searches than traditional search sites like Google and Bing? Whether you’re a new Amazon seller or a veteran, the increased competition means...
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Bryan Bowman

Taking the Mystery Out of VAT Compliance in Europe

For every Amazon seller pondering expansion into European marketplaces, the challenges of getting set up for and handling VAT (value added tax) can be rather daunting. In this session, European...
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Claire Taylor
Pauric Logue

Managing Vendor Central and Seller Central to Build Your Amazon Business (AS, PL)

Ever thought about increasing your selling opportunities by leveraging a Vendor and Seller relationship with Amazon? With each platform having it’s own benefits, why not manage the two and get...
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Carina McLeod*

Insurance Needs for your E-Commerce Business (PL, AS)

Insurance can be confusing and knowing what types of coverage you need, what limits to protect your business and personal assets, and when you should purchase coverage are all questions...
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Michelle Love

Scalable Techniques for Finding Profitable, Low-Competition Products to Sell on Amazon (PL)

Sean Smith, an Amazon product research expert, will discuss how to build a scalable system for finding products to sell on Amazon with low competition and high demand. While most...
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Sean Smith

Strategies for Advanced Sellers (AS)

Joseph Hansen, co-founder of Prosper Show & CEO of Buy Box Experts, will present advanced strategies and tactics for sellers to consider. He will review detailed methods to improve efficiency...
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Joseph Hansen
Joseph Hansen

The Infrastructure Needed to Build an Effectively Diversified and Robust Brand (AS, PL)

The era of Amazon or ecommerce or brick-and-mortar has ended. Your customers now expect to buy anything they want at any time from anywhere on any device from companies and people they know. Discover...
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Brent Bellm

Building Your Private Label Empire through Social Media: The Kavaj Story (PL)

Building an international brand and selling successfully on Amazon by also leveraging the power of Social Media.  KAVAJ managed to sell more than 500k units and making more than $19MM...
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Kai Klement*
Joerg Kundrath*
Christian Här

Preparing Your Seller Business For Eventual Sale (AS, PL)

What options do Amazon Sellers have to exit their businesses? In this presentation, Mark will cover how to properly prepare your business for sale, how to determine it’s value, how...
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Mark Daoust

Nailing Item Set Up by Avoiding the 5 Biggest Catalog Mistakes

Success on Amazon is systematic.  Assuming that products have customer appeal, they will be successful on the Amazon platform if they are: properly and accurately set up; consistently in-stock; receiving...
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Chelle Hammer*

“Stump the ex-Amazonians” Panel

We are pleased to have so many former Amazon business leaders with us to address the most challenging issues sellers face today. Using a combination of pre-submitted and live questions,...
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Steven Yates*
David Wohrman*
Carina McLeod*
Peter Kearns*
Pat Petriello*
Eric Heller*

Closing Remarks

We recap the past two days of events, and look into the future for PROSPER 2018.
Joseph Hansen
Joseph Hansen
James Thomson*

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where and when is the PROSPER Show?
A. The PROSPER Show is at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, running March 22-23, 2017, with pre-conference workshops on March 21.

From March 19-22, 2017, the Las Vegas Convention Center will also be hosting the ASD Show and SourceDirect Shows, two large sourcing shows for online sellers. PROSPER attendees get free entry into these two shows, and we encourage PROSPER attendees to walk the floor of these events a day or two before PROSPER Show starts.

If you are coming in just for the PROSPER Show, plan to arrive in Las Vegas by the evening of March 21, as the show begins 9am March 22 (with registration available March 21 afternoon and March 22 starting at 7:30am).

Q. Who should attend?
A. The PROSPER Show is designed for established Amazon sellers that are looking to further develop their businesses with cutting edge information from former Amazon business leaders and leading industry speakers. We are also joined by 50+ exhibitors who provide services for Amazon sellers, including shipping, inventory software, financing, feedback/review software, shopping cart hosts, and product testing.

We have three tracks of content over our March 22-23 event, including content for Advanced Sellers as well as Private Label Sellers.

Q. Do I need to bring a printout of the ticket I purchased?
A. No need for that. But please bring your photo identification to get yourself checked in on the afternoon of March 21 or morning of March 22.

Q. When should I plan to be in Las Vegas?
A. Our event starts right on time at 9am Wednesday, March 22. We encourage you to arrive the night before, and possibly the afternoon before if you plan to get registered early and/or walk the floor of the ASD or SourceDirect shows. Our last session runs until 5:15pm on March 23, so plan to fly out evening of March 23. Just as a reference, the Convention Center is less than 15 minutes by Cab / Uber to the Las Vegas International Airport.

Q. Are tickets refundable or transferrable?
A. If you buy a ticket but can’t go, you can transfer it to a friend – but we ask you to let us know at by March 15. If you need to get a refund on your ticket, we will provide you a full refund minus a $250 fee.

Q. How do I get ahold of the organizers of PROSPER Show?
A. Email us at Thank you.


3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
The Las Vegas Convention Center