2016 Presentations

Here are the presentations from PROSPER Show 2016:

Kickoff meeting James Thomson & Joseph Hansen
1P vs 3P Shahrul Ladue & Bill Grdanski
Accounting Best Practices for Amazon Sellers Scott Scharf
Amazon Owes You Money! Justin Jacobs
Amazon Sponsored Products Mike Ziegler
Building A Successful Private Label Business Chad Rubin
Feedback Repair Scott Margolius
Inventory Forecasting Jeremy Biron and Joseph Hansen
Lending to Amazon Sellers Thomas Randall
Measuring Profitability on Amazon James Thomson & Alasdair McLean-Foreman
Positioning Your Seller Business for Eventual Sale Mark Daoust
Seller Performance and Product Quality Chris McCabe
Taking the Mystery out of VAT compliance in Europe Claire Taylor & Pauric Logue
Understanding International Opportunities Beyond Amazon Scott Galvao
Winning Pricing Strategies for Private Label Sellers Victor Rosenman