2018 presentations

Speaker Topic date time room
James Thomson, Athena Severi Kickoff 13-Mar 9:00-9:30 N109-N114 n/a
Seller PANEL How to keep reinventing your Amazon business to stay competitive 13-Mar 9:30-10:15 N109-N114 n/a
Michael Gerber Why Most Amazon Seller Businesses Don’t Work, and What to do About It! 13-Mar 10:30-12:00 N109-N114 n/a
Josh Neblett How I Build And Sold My 3P Seller Business for $75MM 13-Mar 13:30-14:30 N109-N114  DECK
James Eron How US Brands Capitalize on China’s Online Shopper Behavior 13-Mar 13:30-14:30 N101-N103  DECK
Erick Rodriguez Visual Listing Optimization That Work in Outperforming the Competition 13-Mar 13:30-14:30 N115-N117  DECK
James Kelly How 6 Years at Amazon Trained Me For a Second Life as an Efficient, Profitable Private Label Seller 13-Mar 14:45-15:45 N109-N114  DECK
Robin Smith The right questions to ask when shopping for software for long-term profits 13-Mar 14:45-15:45 N101-N103  DECK
Franz Jordan Amazon Sponsored Products & AMS Best Practices: Analysis of 70 Million Keywords 13-Mar 14:45-15:45 N115-N117  DECK
Chris McCabe, Cynthia Stine, Ed Rosenberg, Peter Kearns Seller Performance 13-Mar 16:00-17:00 N109-N114 n/a
Amazon Hacks Seller Hacks 14-Mar 9:00-9:30 N109-N114  n/a
Tracy Leigh Hazzard Asset Building through Product Design  – the Ultimate Goal for the Private Label Seller 14-Mar 9:45-10:45 N109-N114  DECK
Richard Gilbert, Hayashibe Kenji Why You Should Consider Selling in Japan 14-Mar 9:45-10:45 N101-N103  DECK
Denis Coombes Expanding Beyond Amazon: Google Shopping Campaign Build-Out & Optimization to Attract Profitable Customers to Your Site 14-Mar 9:45-10:45 N115-N117  DECK
Jeff Cohen Cold Start – Launching a Product with an Audience 14-Mar 11:00-12:00 N109-N114  DECK
Jennifer Deroin, Bob Kemble Advanced Tax Strategies for High Income Earners 14-Mar 11:00-12:00 N101-N103  DECK
Larry Pluimer Expanding from 3P to 1P 14-Mar 11:00-12:00 N115-N117  DECK
Karen Ellenberger Intelligent Automation for the Amazon Seller 14-Mar 13:30-14:30 N109-N114  DECK
Michael Fleming How To Deal with the Recent Sales Tax Changes Without Losing Your Mind or Your Business 14-Mar 13:30-14:30 N101-N103  DECK
Lori Jurans and Rachel Greer What You Need to Know about Product Compliance and Liability to Protect Your Business 14-Mar 13:30-14:30 N115-N117  DECK
Brad Moss The Amazon Way, Metrics behind building a Million Dollar Amazon Business 14-Mar 14:45-15:45 N109-N114  DECK
Hendrik Laubscher Global ecommerce marketplaces exist and are not called Amazon…are you looking at the opportunity or not? 14-Mar 14:45-15:45 N101-N103  DECK
CJ Rosenbaum How private label sellers protect their IP rights where their factories are located 14-Mar 14:45-15:45 N115-N117  DECK
James Kelly, Rachel Greer, Brad Moss, Larry Pluimer Stump the Expert panel 14-Mar 16:00-17:00 N109-N114 n/a
James Thomson, Joseph Hansen Wrapup 14-Mar 17:00-17:15 N109-N114 n/a