3/25/2020 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

Room: 9

General Session


Josh Cowan

Josh Cowan

Streiff Marketing


Amazon One Vendor: Fact or Fiction, and How to Adapt to the Changing Environment

Session will cover what is known about Amazon One Vendor and how changes will potentially impact manufacturers. Specific topics covered:

  • What is Amazon One Vendor and what will it look like for manufacturers?
    •  Mandated 1P and 3P retail relationships
  • Current hybrid approach and the future of the hybrid model
    • Differences and future of prime eligibility, payment terms, price and inventory control, marketing, and access to internal Amazon support
  • Current status of Amazon’s control of retail relationships and determination of whether manufacturers will be 1P or 3P vendors
    • Who will be pushed to 3P?
    • What does this mean for resellers, dealers, and distributors?
  • ASIN level impacts – resellers may lose ability to sell products that Amazon wants to sell on 1P
  • Importance of diversifying sales mix for non-manufacturers
    • Buy box implications
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