3/18/2019 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Room: 7

General Session | General Sessions


Collin Colburn

Collin Colburn


Forrester Research


Keynote: Advertising Is Helping Amazon’s Business, So Let It Help Yours Too

The advertising industry is abuzz about a recent newcomer to the business – Amazon. Amazon seems to be entering nearly every industry possible. But why is it that media companies, advertising agencies, and Google and Facebook are secretly worried about this newcomer? Featured Speaker, Forrester analyst, Collin Colburn, will tell you why. He will also uncover the different ad products Amazon is bringing to market and talk about why Amazon is placing a heavier emphasis on advertising as part of its overall business. Additionally, you will learn: How Amazon sellers can create visibility for their products on Amazon (through organic and paid means). How other companies leverage omni-channel advertising to not only sell product, but engage customers. What kind of advertising - outside of Amazon – you should be leveraging and why.
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