Deal with Negative Products Reviews on Amazon

How to Deal with Negative Products Reviews on Amazon

Every online seller knows the value of good reviews, especially Amazon sellers. Positive reviews will boost a product’s ratings and could mean increased Amazon sells. Amazon sellers who offer quality products, great service and fast shipping will elicit good reviews. But what happens when you get a negative review?

Since you can’t please every customer, a negative review at some point will be inevitable. Negative reviews should not be feared. In some ways, they could actually improve your sales. Customers tend to trust product reviews when they see both positive and negative responses. The presence of both types of customer feedback ensures potential buyers that your reviews are legitimate—not contrived. Nonetheless, you still want to address the concern of the review.

Here are some ideas for handling negative reviews:

  • Politely respond to the review – Before making a comment, read the review thoroughly and try to understand where the customer is coming from. When you write your reply, use professional and kind words to show that you are taking the high ground. Your polite response will set the tone of the conversation in case the customer replies again. Don’t make excuses. Start by thanking the customer for their feedback. If an apology is in order, offer one. Your courteous communication could impress other customers and help them look beyond the negative comments.
  • Respond at your earliest availability – Most online customers check the product reviews before making a purchase. If the negative comment goes unanswered, other customers might think that it is an admission of guilt on your part. Reply as soon as possible to expedite your company’s recovery from the effects of the negative review.
  • Address negative comment head on – Do not offer compensation in response to negative comments. Focus instead on resolving the issue. If you can solve the problem in a forthright manner, the customer may remove their negative review. Ask the customer if they are satisfied with your actions. If they do not reply, move on.
  • Let your staff know about the review – Inform your employees about the negative feedback so that they can avoid the same mistakes that brought the customer dissatisfaction.

There are many things to learn when you sell at Amazon. Few sellers get everything right the first time, but if you are willing to adjust and adapt, you can turn negatives into positives. Looking for more tips? PROSPER Show’s 2018 Amazon seller seminars offer you the opportunity to learn from the experts.