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More than 30 industry leading speakers, including a dozen former Amazon business leaders, providing guidance on how to accelerate your seller business today.

Join us in Las Vegas, March 22-23, 2017.

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  • Two-day Access to all Presentations March 22-23, 2017 (up to 3 simultaneous tracks)
  • Catered Lunches & Coffee Breaks, March 22-23, 2017
  • Kosher Food Provided, Upon Request (Daily Minyanim also available onsite)
  • Access to March 22, 2017 Evening Networking Event
  • Two-day Access to Exhibitor Hall
  • Videos to all March 22-23 Presentations (available shortly after event, at no additional cost)

Tickets to other online retail conference sell today for $1025, $1500 and $2575.
But PROSPER Show believes in making pricing affordable to more Amazon sellers.

PROSPER pricing is $799 per ticket.

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2017 PROSPER sponsors

2017 PROSPER Sponsors

PROSPER SHOW will be co-located with:



Free passes to the ASD and SourceDirect shows for PROSPER Show attendees!

ASD / SourceDirect: March 19-22, 2017
PROSPER SHOW: March 22-23, 2017 (with workshops March 21)



Feedback from 2016 PROSPER Show

The show was amazing. You totally nailed it. And that’s not just me talking – feedback from other attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

I was blown away. I’ve been to plenty of events, hell, I’ve even run events and meetings in my corporate career. But PROSPER was exactly the right balance of knowledge, networking, and suppliers/tools.

This was the one of the best organized conferences I have attended. Everything you put together was top notch.

You did a phenomenal job, one of the most organized shows I’ve been to in a while! The sellers and vendors I talked to all seemed to agree!

NOBODY does it like the PROSPER Show! Thanks for putting up an awesome show for Amazon sellers.

2017 Keynote Presentation

Brand Imagined: Grow your Brand, Grow your Business

Rick Cesari

The Juiceman, Sonicare, George Foreman Grill, OxiClean, Rug Doctor, GoPro are just some of the national brands that Rick has helped build. Each product propelled company sales to over $100 Million. Hear the stories behind their launch and learn the secrets (proven techniques) to taking new products and turning them into iconic brands. 

Rick Cesari is Founder and CEO of Cesari Direct, a Marketing Agency based in Seattle, Washington.

2017 Program

This conference runs from March 22-23, 2017.
Pre-conference workshops run on March 21, 2017 (extra charges apply).
Day 1
12 Mar 2018
Day 2
13 Mar 2018
Day 3
14 Mar 2018

WORKSHOP: Facebook Marketing For eCommerce Sellers

This workshop is intended for eCommerce sellers with beginner to intermediate experience using Facebook ads. There will pre-work leading up to the workshop especially geared toward beginners to make sure...
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Bryan Bowman

WORKSHOP: How to Build a Successful Video Strategy on Amazon

This extensive workshop will cover where and how you can use video on Amazon to: Build Your Brand Engage Your Followers Increase Your Sales How to Create Compelling, High-Converting Videos...
Read More
Janelle Page

WORKSHOP: How to Use Crowdsourcing to Launch a Successful Private Label Brand

Rewards-based crowdfunding has been a powerful driver for brands for nearly a decade, but statistics show that only one one in three companies are successfully funded. Since new laws passed...
Read More
Chad Rogers
Hope Horner

WORKSHOP: ClickFunnels For eCommerce Sellers

This workshop is intended for sellers looking to diversify and build a sales channel off of Amazon. We will discuss using ClickFunnels as a lead capture platform before sending traffic...
Read More
Bryan Bowman

WORKSHOP: Using Youtube To Accelerate Your Private Label Brand

This extensive workshop will cover the following: The YouTube algorithm Key components to building an authority channel How to increase subscriptions, engagement, notifications and build your brand and band of...
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Janelle Page

WORKSHOP: Fortune 500 Supply Chain Management for Amazon Private Label Sellers

You are a small fish in a big ocean. Every container, every air shipment, every palette is important. You are running a “just in time” supply chain with spreadsheets and...
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Kimberly Reuter*


A continental breakfast with lots of morning beverages to get your day started!

Kickoff 2018

Countdown: ready, set, action!
Athena Severi
Joseph Hansen
James Thomson*

How To Keep Re-inventing Your Amazon Seller Business To Stay Competitive

In this panel discussion, we will hear from several very seasoned sellers on how they have continued to adapt to the ever-changing Amazon rules and competition, allowing them to remain...
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Sanjay Chandiram
Jason Reisdorfer
Xander Putris
Ray Berman
Jin Chon


We will serve a hot lunch, and offer organized networking opportunities (details to follow).

How US Brands Capitalize on China’s Online Shopper Behavior

The Genius of Jack Ma (Tmall/Taobao transparency, accountability, competition, community) China eCommerce ecosystem Value of e-real estate Mobile trends Entertainment shopping Demographics
James Eron

Visual Listing Optimization That Work in Outperforming the Competition

Visual Listing Optimizations that Work in Out-Performing the Competition As the Amazon marketplace has become increasingly competitive. It is more important that ever, that not only are you ranking page #1 for...
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Erick Rodriguez

How I Built And Sold My 3P Seller Business for $75MM

As CEO, Josh Neblett co-founded etailz, an online reseller heavily focused on the Amazon marketplace. In 2016, after growing the business to over $100 million in annual sales, Josh sold...
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Josh Neblett

How 6 Years at Amazon Trained Me For a Second Life as an Efficient, Profitable Amazon Seller

Learn how Amazon really works from someone who knows. James Kelly ran the North American Marketplace Merchant Integration teams for 5 years, personally launched some of the largest Marketplace Sellers,...
Read More
James Kelly*

The Right Questions To Ask When Shopping for Software for Long-Term Profits

When businesses ask the right questions, they get slotted into the right solutions. Curating the best mix of applications for your business’ long-term success is a complex and daunting task...
Read More
Robin Smith

Amazon Sponsored Products & AMS Best Practices: Analysis of 70 Million Keywords

Amazon Sponsored Products has quickly grown to be one of the most important areas for sellers on Amazon. Yet despite the sheer volume of sellers now advertising on Amazon, the...
Read More
Franz Jordan

Seller Performance Panel

Just how hard is it to keep your account in good standings? Join us as we welcome 4 experts who will share their thoughts on what you need to do...
Read More
Cynthia Stine
Ed Rosenberg
Chris McCabe*
Peter Kearns*


A continental breakfast with lots of morning beverages to get your day started!

Seller Hacks

Details to follow! It’s gonna be one heck of a session….
Joseph Hansen
James Thomson*

Why You Should Consider Selling in Japan

Topics to address: Market opportunity in Japan, ecommerce statistics, demographics in Japan, and important psychographic segmentation of the Japanese online consumer Ecommerce trends and examples of popular American brands or...
Read More
Richard Gilbert
Kenji Hayashibe*

Asset Building through Product Design: the Ultimate Goal for the Private Label Seller

Asset Building Success By Design: Product Launching Your Way From Private Label To Big Brand In the consumer retail market where 7 out of 10 consumer product launches fail and...
Read More
Tracy Leigh Hazzard

Expanding Beyond Amazon: Google Shopping Campaign Build-Out & Optimization to Attract Profitable Customers to Your Site

A strong presence on Google Shopping expands your ecommerce reach by 25%.  The growth opportunity is even greater when you consider the additional order value, profitability, and loyalty from directing...
Read More
Denis Coombes

Advanced Tax Strategies for High Income Earners

You’re planning for a future event.  Whether it’s a sell, an acquisition, a new start-up, or true retirement, crafting a tax strategy with desired outcomes in mind at the onset,...
Read More
Bob Kemble
Jennifer Deroin

Cold Start – Launching a Product with an Audience

– Why this works and is 100% TOS compliant – How to build an audience that wants to purchase – Delivering Content that drives action – Keys to optimization –...
Read More
Jeff Cohen

Expanding from 3P to 1P

Amazon’s Marketplace is a robust commerce channel, but it’s only one of two primary ways to sell on Amazon. What’s it like on the other side? Amazon Sellers that have...
Read More
Larry Pluimer*


We will serve a hot lunch, and offer organized networking opportunities (details to follow).

How To Deal with the Recent Sales Tax Changes Without Losing Your Mind or Your Business

How to deal with the recent sales tax changes without losing your mind or your business In this presentation we will discuss: If you should collect sales tax If so...
Read More
Michael Fleming
Michael Fleming

Intelligent Automation for the Amazon Seller

Is your overhead swallowing your profit? Scaling your Amazon business isn’t only about selling more. Optimizing operations, identifying the right next action, freeing up bandwidth to work on the right...
Read More
Karen Ellenberger

What You Need to Know about Product Compliance and Liability to Protect Your Business

61% of sellers in a recent survey stated they are afraid of getting suspended – but what are the liability issues that Amazon is trying to correct through their performance...
Read More
Lori Jurans
Rachel Greer*

Global ecommerce marketplaces exist and are not called Amazon.. are you looking at the opportunity or not?

How should attend: Marketplace sellers that have sales above $5 million per year.  Sellers that feel that they have reached peak market penetration on Amazon. Sellers that sell on all...
Read More
Hendrik Laubscher

The Amazon Way, Metrics behind building a Million Dollar Amazon Business

So you have had success on Amazon, but aren’t exactly sure why? Or maybe sales have dipped and you are struggling to pinpoint what has gone wrong. Welcome to business...
Read More
Brad Moss*

How Private Label Sellers Protect Their IP rights Where Their Factories Are Located

How private label sellers can protect the IP rights where their factories are located. #1 Threat to Private Label Sellers: Your Own Factories. CJ Rosenbaum, Esq., Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C., the...
Read More
CJ Rosenbaum

Stump the (Ex-Amazon) Expert

Just how much do those ex-Amazonians really know? In this PROSPER favorite, we bring together a team of former Amazonians together to answer the most challenging issues facing PROSPER attendees...
Read More
Larry Pluimer*
Brad Moss*
James Kelly*
Rachel Greer*
Joseph Hansen

Wrap-up 2018

Recap of the past 2 days of activity, and what’s next for PROSPER.
Joseph Hansen
James Thomson*

Frequency Asked Questions

Q. Where and when is the PROSPER Show?
A. The PROSPER Show is at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, running March 22-23, 2017, with pre-conference workshops on March 21.

From March 19-22, 2017, the Las Vegas Convention Center will also be hosting the ASD Show and SourceDirect Shows, two large sourcing shows for online sellers. PROSPER attendees get free entry into these two shows, and we encourage PROSPER attendees to walk the floor of these events a day or two before PROSPER Show starts.

If you are coming in just for the PROSPER Show, plan to arrive in Las Vegas by the evening of March 21, as the show begins 9am March 22 (with registration available March 21 afternoon and March 22 starting at 7:30am).

Q. Who should attend?
A. The PROSPER Show is designed for established Amazon sellers that are looking to further develop their businesses with cutting edge information from former Amazon business leaders and leading industry speakers. We are also joined by 50+ exhibitors who provide services for Amazon sellers, including shipping, inventory software, financing, feedback/review software, shopping cart hosts, and product testing.

We have three tracks of content over our March 22-23 event, including content for Advanced Sellers as well as Private Label Sellers.

Q. Do I need to bring a printout of the ticket I purchased?
A. No need for that. But please bring your photo identification to get yourself checked in on the afternoon of March 21 or morning of March 22.

Q. When should I plan to be in Las Vegas?
A. Our event starts right on time at 9am Wednesday, March 22. We encourage you to arrive the night before, and possibly the afternoon before if you plan to get registered early and/or walk the floor of the ASD or SourceDirect shows. Our last session runs until 5:15pm on March 23, so plan to fly out evening of March 23. Just as a reference, the Convention Center is less than 15 minutes by Cab / Uber to the Las Vegas International Airport.

Q. Are tickets refundable or transferrable?
A. If you buy a ticket but can’t go, you can transfer it to a friend – but we ask you to let us know at info@prospershow.com by March 15. If you need to get a refund on your ticket, we will provide you a full refund minus a $250 fee.

Q. How do I get ahold of the organizers of PROSPER Show?
A. Email us at info@prospershow.com. Thank you.


3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
The Las Vegas Convention Center
(801) 845-0554info@prospershow.com