Instagram For Amazon Sellers

February 28th, 2020

 Instagram For Amazon Sellers 

 More than 2.5 million merchants are actively selling their products on Amazon. But that doesn’t mean your listings can’t stand out. Instagram is an effective way to get eyeballs on your product pages. This post will cover information and strategies for using Instagram to grow your Amazon business. Since creating a business account on Instagram only takes a few minutes, there’s no reason to ignore this platform’s potential.  

Why It Makes Sense for Amazon Merchants to Use Instagram 

Get More Engagement  

When you promote your listings through posts, stories, and other methods on Instagram, target audiences are likely to engage with them. Content shared on the Instagram app typically gets more engagement than Twitter and Facebook posts. Generating interest around your listings can result in greater sales opportunities.  

Build an Email List Outside of Amazon 

If you reach potential customers first (before they get to your Amazon listings), you can easily collect their contact details and create your very own email list. This allows you to set up a valuable marketing asset for future campaigns.  You can promote an upcoming product, service, or store by sending a promotional email to the list instead of running PPC ads on Amazon. 

And if you’re running an FBA business, the email list will also increase its valuation – if you ever wish to sell.  

Show the Creative Side of Your Brand 

There are a lot of opportunities to get creative on Instagram. When you set up a profile for your store, you can create a fancy bio that explains the nature of your business. You can also include the URL of your store in that section. Make sure to use a link shortener so that it looks clean.  

Your brand’s Instagram bio can also accommodate a bite-sized description of your store, links to your other social media profiles, and your brand’s logo as the profile image. Remember to use a few emojis to make things interactive and fun. Amazon sellers should also set their profile to “public” so anyone can follow them and see their content without issues. 

Ways to Promote an Amazon Storefront on Instagram 

Below are some effective ways to promote your store, products, and listings on the photo-sharing app. 

1. Mix Lifestyle Photos with Beautiful Content  

The best images are considered art, and that’s what evokes people’s emotions. But it’s not always enough to snap a picture of someone holding your product and post it – sometimes you have to think outside the box. Instagram users love beautiful, creative images, whether they’re of people or products. Fortunately, there are several tools that can help you make product images captivating. Canva, Snappa, and Design Wizard are a few tools that you can use to create beautiful content. 

2. Leverage Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) via Instagram Stories 

The short-lived nature of Instagram stories makes for a powerful marketing vehicle for Amazon sellers. The limited-time aspect of stories can be used to promote fast-selling products, limited-stock items, and special offers. Use the time-sensitive nature of IG stories to make potential customers feel that you are offering them a chance to shop for something that many people are going to miss out on. 

Once you’ve built a following, you can start using IG stories in other creative ways. For example, you can poll the audience about their favorite products and what they’d like to see on your store. Not only will this help you acquire free customer research, but it’s also a way to get people to vouch for your brand. The idea behind micro-commitments like these is that the closer these small actions take your customers to developing an affinity for a business, the more likely they will be to promote it via word-of-mouth. 

3. Partner with Instagram Influencers 

Influencers are people who have high engagement rates on their content. They don’t necessarily have the biggest followings, but whatever products they promote stick in the minds of their fans. Many brands partner with influencers and give them a free sample in exchange for promoting their items on their Instagram accounts. You, too, can send a free sample to a relevant influencer and ask him/her to talk about your Amazon brand. 

For the maximum impact, partner with influencers who are relevant to your business, have authentic engagement rates, and boast a unique voice.  

4. Take Advantage of Instagram Hashtags 

Whenever you make an IG post, use hashtags. They are a clever way to organize your content into categories, as well as help others discover your brand. We encourage you to create a branded hashtag but don’t skimp on other strategic ways to include them in your content. One strategy is to use community-based tags in your product-related posts. 

Because Instagram is home to several tight-knit communities, you want to be able to get your posts in front of the right audiences. Fashionistas, tech enthusiasts, runners, readers – they all use certain hashtags to engage on Instagram. Use the platform’s explore and search functions to find things that relate to your brand. Get additional ideas by seeing the hashtags used in the top posts for the tags you initially searched. Incorporate those hashtags in your product posts. 

5. Run a Contest 

The last promotional tactic is to host a giveaway or contest on Instagram. To participate, get people to visit your Amazon’s store URL and add their thoughts about your products. The winner can be the person who writes the most creative thing about your item (which you can later include in your product description).  

Contests often go viral on IG as people tag their friends and get excited in general. 


Although you don’t want to overdo the selling part on Instagram, we recommend showing off your products and educating people about your storefront on this popular platform. With the right approach and some creativity, you should be able to generate a lot of interest around your offerings. Goodluck with the Gram!