To celebrate the 2017 PROSPER Show for online sellers, we are selecting recipients of the PROSPER Award: a special designation given to young companies that are running efficient, profitable businesses on, while embracing the benefits of solution providers and outsourcing major business processes.


  1. Winners are invited to be recognized at the PROSPER Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 22, 2017 (winners are responsible for paying their own travel expenses, while PROSPER Show will provide two free conference passes to each winning seller).
  2. Winners may be featured in social media and press releases leading up to and during the March 2017 PROSPER Show.
  3. WInners receive a free consultation to look at how to build further their business (consultation after the show).
    Please refer to the Application and Terms & Conditions for complete rules for applying.

The list of winners will be announced by 5 pm Eastern on Friday, December 20, 2016.


Companies that meet all of these criteria may qualify for the PROSPER Award:

  1. Be privately held, for profit, based in the U.S., and independent (not a subsidiary or division of another company).
  2. profitability of at least 20% gross margin over the 12 month period of September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016.
  3. At least US$500,000 of sales (exclusive of sales tax revenue) in the 12 month period beginning September 1, 2015 and ending August 31, 2016, and US$75,000 of Amazon sales (exclusive of sales tax revenue) in the 12 month period prior to that, of Sept 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015.
  4. Active on the platform with no more than US$20,000 of Amazon sales prior to September 1, 2013.
  5. Minimum 95% positive customer feedback in past 12 months.
  6. Seller Rating on Amazon of at least 95% in past 12 months.
  7. Using at least 2 solution providers to support their business (including re-pricers, product reviews, feedback solicitation, inventory/order management, shipping software, data feed management, accounting, image cleanup, tax collection and remittance, inventory scouting/product research, reverse logistics, automated inventory reconciliation tool, and auto responder email tool).
  8. At least one major business process for their business is currently outsourced and has been outsourced for at least 6 months to another external organization (including warehousing to a 3PL, call center/email support, book-keeping, day-to-day Amazon account operations, virtual assistant for seller’s owners).

DEADLINE: Applications are due by 5 pm Eastern, Monday, November 28, 2016. A panel of ex-Amazon insiders and e-commerce professionals will review Applications and select recipients of the Award.

All questions and final submissions for this initiative should be emailed to

PROSPER Application

Please provide the following information and certifications regarding your company (“Applicant Company”). Refer to “Prosper Award Criteria” (listed above) and Terms & Conditions for complete selection requirements.

All financial and performance information provided by Applicant Companies will be kept confidential, but we reserve the right to declare publicly that each winner has met all of the requirements for the PROSPER Award, and to highlight which solution providers and outsourcing organizations each winner has declared itself to be using.

Applications must be submitted here through this submission tool by 5 pm Eastern on Monday, November 28, 2016.

Prosper 25 Application

  • “Amazon Gross Margin” = [Amazon Sales Revenue] – [Cost of Goods Sold on Amazon (Including inbound shipping costs from supplier to Applicant Company’s facility and shipping costs from Applicant Company’s facility to Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers)] – [All Amazon Fees (including Amazon Referral Fees, FBA Fees, and non-FBA Shipping Fees)]:
  • Please indicate at least two solution providers that Applicant Company uses to support Applicant Company’s business. These solution providers must provide one or more of these services for Applicant Company: re-pricing, product reviews, feedback solicitation, inventory/order management, shipping software, data feed management, accounting, auto responder email tool. Email for clarification prior to submitting Application if service provided is not included on list. Click here for examples.
  • Please indicate at least one major business process that Applicant Company has been outsourcing since March 1, 2015 or earlier. These outsourced business processes may include Warehousing to a 3PL, Call center/email support, Book-keeping, Day-to-day Amazon account operations, and Virtual assistant for seller’s owners. Email for clarification prior to submitting Application if outsourced service is not included on list. Click here for examples.
  • I hereby certify and represent the following:
    • I am authorized to make representations about Applicant Company and submit this application (“Application”) on behalf of Applicant Company. All certifications and representations made in this Application are made to the best of my knowledge.
    • To the best of my knowledge, Applicant Company meets all other the requirements outlined in this Application.
    • With this Application, I am including the four (4) screenshots required by this Application.
    • Applicant Company has reviewed and agrees to the attached Terms and Conditions.