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Why Your Online Business is Stagnating?

The internet is a great leveler of playing fields, allowing anyone with a passion and a vision to try their hand at entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, not all of these upstart businesses have happy endings. Many online enterprises fold quickly, leaving their owners cash-poor and disillusioned. Why do online businesses stagnate or fail? Are their websites too…

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Fall Season Online Selling Tips

Summer is ebbing, and the cool, crisp days of autumn are upon us. Fall temperatures are worth celebrating, but if you’re an online retailer, the season’s virtues aren’t limited to the weather. Fall ushers in the mega-retail holidays that can work wonders for your bottom line. As we move into the fall season, here are…

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Amazon Stock Predictions

Some people consider Amazon as the world’s most promising company. As of today’s writing, Amazon shares are worth nearly $1,700 .Five years ago, they were worth about $250. Between July 2015 and July 2017, the company more than doubled its shares. The big question is, will this trend continue? Many pundits say yes. Here’s why:…

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Help for Common Amazon Seller Problems

The fantastic thing about Amazon is that anyone can open an online shop and become profitable. It’s a boundless, level playing field for entrepreneurs with thrilling possibilities. These things are worth celebrating, but, as any Amazon seller can attest to, not every day is a party. Most online entrepreneurs have faced lagging sales, customer service…

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Are You Investing in Your Personal Brand?

It’s hard to think of SpaceX or Tesla without considering the man behind the scenes, Elon Musk. The same goes for Microsoft Office and Bill Gates. These entrepreneurs have succeeded in creating what is known as a “personal brand.” It can feel less risky and invasive to develop a strong brand for your merchandise or…

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Sell More Online During the Back-to-School Shopping Season

If you think the back-to-school shopping season is insignificant, think again. Studies show that it is eclipsed only by the winter holidays. And in some ways, back-to-school shopping is even more important because it is needs-driven, not just wants-driven. Toys, for example, are fun extras, but many school supplies are non-negotiable. School shopping starts early…

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Avoid These Missteps When Selling on Amazon

Nobody gets Amazon selling right the first time.  Setting up a successful Amazon business is a trial-and-error pursuit.  You learn as you go, and try to avoid pitfalls that will cost you time and money.  Certain errors are more significant than others, and some can even get you suspended from the Amazon marketplace. As you…

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Effective Ways to Drive Outside Traffic to Amazon Listings

You may have a perfectly-optimized Amazon listing with beautiful images and well-crafted product descriptions. A first-rate Amazon listing is critical, but it’s not the only avenue for driving traffic to your site.  Rather than just harnessing the buying power of Amazon shoppers, you can target external traffic and drive more users to your Amazon site….

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