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Effective Ways to Drive Outside Traffic to Amazon Listings

You may have a perfectly-optimized Amazon listing with beautiful images and well-crafted product descriptions. A first-rate Amazon listing is critical, but it’s not the only avenue for driving traffic to your site.  Rather than just harnessing the buying power of Amazon shoppers, you can target external traffic and drive more users to your Amazon site….

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How Well do You Know Your Customers?

Studies show that 40 percent of marketing executives craft their strategies without the help of customer engagement data.  Some might consider this a shot in the dark.  After all, how can you appeal to your target audience if you lack an understanding of who they really are? Knowing more about your target audience enables you…

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7 Reasons Why Amazon is Successful [infographic]

Because of the opportunities provided by the online marketplace, Amazon has been considered as one of the most successful e-commerce sites. However, it was not just because of luck but because of a strategy that focused on satisfying customers. You, too, can achieve such a leap in business. Start it off with the strategies on…

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Get in on Amazon’s Recently Un-gated Categories

Amazon offers many different seller categories, but about 30 percent of them are restricted or “gated.”  This allows Amazon to keep a close watch on certain types of products—many of which are governed by various quality standards in their respective industries—to ensure that all of its merchandise is trustworthy. Amazon has recently eased limitations on…

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Sell More on the Fourth of July

The lazy days of summer can translate into slower sales for some Amazon sellers, but the Fourth of July offers a great opportunity to increase your profits.  Independence Day is also a great time to try out new marketing techniques.  You can take advantage of a slower shopping season to experiment with selling strategies that…

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Best Blogs for Amazon Sellers

Since the world of internet marketplaces is constantly evolving, online sellers must always be learning.  Otherwise, they will lose touch with the latest trends and selling techniques.  What worked for online selling five years ago may not work today, especially where Amazon is concerned.  Amazon is a very fluid marketplace with innovations frequently disrupting old…

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Online Selling Tips for Summer

The lazy days of summer are here again, bringing fun in the sun.  Unfortunately, summer can also make for lazy sales as customers head for the beach or swimming pool and do less online shopping. If your summer sales need a kickstart, here are some ideas: Keep prices competitive. Give your sales a jolt by…

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How Online Entrepreneurs Can Save Money [infographic]

Having a business requires strategic planning and that includes cost minimization. You can’t put all the costs in the price of your product. Instead, recreate, innovate and trust yourself in making decisions that would not require cashouts. Free guides and mentoring techniques are available online such as this infographic.  

Grow Your Business Without Increasing Your Debt

When starting a new business, you’re often working with limited capital.  Your needs may be many, but it’s rarely a good idea to plunge deep into debt—even if it’s for a promising business.  If you’re smart about it, you can tap into the resources that you need to launch your business without breaking the bank….

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Are You Ready for Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is a one-day global sales event. You might think of it as Black Friday for Amazon Prime members.  In fact, Amazon hints that they offer more deals on Prime Day than they do on Black Friday. If you are an Amazon seller, here are a few Q&As about the big day. When is…

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