Expanding from 3P to 1P

14 Mar 2018

Expanding from 3P to 1P

Amazon’s Marketplace is a robust commerce channel, but it’s only one of two primary ways to sell on Amazon. What’s it like on the other side? Amazon Sellers that have demonstrated success in selling private label products and/or have exclusive distribution rights to products may have contemplated expanding their Amazon footprint from the 3P Marketplace to the 1P Retail platform.

In this session, Amazon Retail veteran and Indigitous founder Larry Pluimer shares insights on how Sellers can navigate the process of becoming an Amazon vendor. In addition to learning key differences between the platforms, Sellers will receive advice critical to ensuring their transition is compliant and successful.

How to begin

  • Vendor Express (self-service route)
  • Demonstrated success (sales, reviews, etc)
  • Vendor Manager role

Keys to being successful

  • Negotiating terms (what to expect)
  • Margin structure (selling at wholesale is different)
  • Distribution strategy & policy (will you be subject to 3P competition?)
  • Inventory and fulfillment (allocating inventory, bulk replenishment, direct fulfillment)
  • Leveraging 1P benefits (AMS, VSS, Vine Prime Now, Pantry, etc. subject to change!)
  • Content authority / Brand Registry
  • Vendor Central and self-sufficiency (use the tools)
  • Exercising caution
  • Product Availability Policy (MOA)
  • Leading on price with your 3P account
  • CRaP

Target Audience: Sellers with demonstrated success selling private label product and/or exclusive distribution