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Jonathan Goldman

President, Quantum Networks

Jonathan Goldman

President, Quantum Networks


Jonathan Goldman is the President of Quantum Networks. He is hailed as a top expert in the e-commerce industry. When meeting Jonathan, people are often astonished by his young age of 23.

Since Quantum’s inception in 2008, Jonathan has spearheaded its product and business development, leading the company to $28 million in sales in 2014. In 2013, he was named as one of DealerScope’s “40 Under 40”. In November 2015, Amazon recognized Quantum Networks because of its emphasis on the importance of human relationships in a virtual world. Jonathan explained, “The key for us is relationships…with our employees, vendors, partners and customers, and bridging them all together”.

Jonathan’s determination to form personal relationships with each vendor has ultimately led to a bridged gap between the needs of both consumers and brand partners. He has spearheaded, a revolutionary e-commerce site, which allows customers to virtually experience a product before purchasing. Jonathan’s team forms a strong relationship with each vendor in order to understand its desires and maximize its potential by creating a personalized brand-selling experience. He has overseen the creation of a MAP compliant software, which is used to maintain price integrity in a volatile marketplace, a Review Tool where Quantum assists vendors in maintaining customer satisfaction, and other proprietary software which assists vendors in upholding their brand integrity.

Jonathan oversees Quantum’s purchasing and sales team which uses unique analytical approaches and focused marketing plans which has attributed to the company’s growth. Quantum’s team of buyers and brand managers seek out the most effective marketing channels, ensuring that each product line achieves its maximum online retail exposure. Jonathan guides each brand partnership through different stages of development and into the consumer marketplace.

By using these various methods and tools, combined with his dedicated team, Jonathan has led Quantum Networks to effectively find unnoticed product lines and transform them into established brands on the online market.

Raised in Queens, New York, Jonathan attended Baruch College in New York City.


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Disclosure: Jonathan has indicated no stated business interests with any other solution providers.