Amazon Show Seminar Speakers

Internet marketing speaker profiles and online business seminars.

PROSPER Show Speaker List

* Designates ex-Amazon insider

James Thomson*

Co-Founder of PROSPER Show, former head of

Joseph Hansen

Co-founder of PROSPER Show, Founding Partner of Buy Box Experts

Bryan Bowman

CEO of Ecom Underground

Peter Kearns*

Vice President Client Solutions

Chris McCabe*

Founder/ CEO of ecommerceChris, LLC

Rachel Greer*

Product Compliance Consultant

Jeff Cohen

Partner, Seller Labs

Ed Rosenberg

Leader of ASGTG
Michael Fleming

Michael Fleming

Director, Peisner Johnson

Michael Gerber

KEYNOTE Speaker, Author of "The E-Myth Revisited"

Hope Horner

CEO, Lemonlight

Janelle Page

VP Marketing & eCommerce Strategy

Chad Rogers

Cofounder & Chief Revenue Office, Lemonlight

James Kelly*

Ex-Amazon leader, entrepreneur

Franz Jordan

CEO, Sellics

CJ Rosenbaum


Karen Ellenberger

Founder, Agile Merchant

Robin Smith

GM of Sales and Marketing at VL

Kenji Hayashibe*

CEO, Samurai Agents

Erick Rodriguez


James Eron

Partner, Kung Fu Data

Jennifer Deroin

COO of the Amazon Accountants

Bob Kemble

CEO of the Amazon Accountants

Jin Chon

Co-Founder of River Source Logistics

Richard Gilbert

GM North America for Payoneer

Hendrik Laubscher

Author, Blogger, International Marketplace Expert

Lori Jurans

Partner, Well Insurance

Tracy Leigh Hazzard

Product Strategist for Hazz Design

Denis Coombes

Director, ROI Revolution, Inc.

Ray Berman

Executive, Garden State Medical Supply

Cynthia Stine

Founder of eGrowth Partners

Brad Moss*

CEO of Product Labs

Athena Severi

Goddess of Networking

Larry Pluimer*

Founder and CEO of Indigitous

Jason Reisdorfer

Director of Operations, Weisser Distributing

Sanjay Chandiram

CEO, Kaliber Global

Kimberly Reuter*

Principal, CSG Consulting

Josh Neblett

CEO and co-founder of Etailz