Amazon Show Seminar Speakers

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PROSPER Show Speaker List

* Designates ex-Amazon insider

Chad Rubin

CEO Crucial Vacuum, CEO Skubana, Board Member of PROSPER Show

Eric Heller*

CEO Marketplace Ignition

Eytan Wiener

COO Quantum Networks, Board Member of PROSPER Show

James Thomson*

Co-Founder of PROSPER Show, former head of
Joseph Hansen

Joseph Hansen

Co-founder PROSPER Show, CEO Buy Box Experts

Mike Ziegler*

President of Marketplace Clicks

Scott Scharf

Co-founder and Chief Ecommerce Geek for Catching Clouds LLC

Chelle Hammer*

Director of Catalog Operations at IdeoClick

Pat Petriello*

Head of Amazon Sales Acceleration Program

Mark Daoust

Founder of Quiet Light Brokerage

Pauric Logue

CEO and Founder, Wiseloads

Claire Taylor

CEO, SimplyVAT

Rick Cesari

Founder and CEO of Cesari Direct

Ami Kassar

CEO/Founder of MultiFunding

Nick Cunningham

President, China2West

Rich Margiano

Attorney specializing in

Sean Smith

Co-founder and CEO of Jungle Hustle

Mark Clayton

CFO, China2West

Bryan Bowman

CEO of AMZ Profit Pros

Eric Tong

Co-founder, Tech Armor

Peter Kearns*

Partner, EGrowth Partners

Jason Boyce

CEO of

Victor Rosenman

CEO and Founder, Feedvisor

Jeff Cohen

Partner, Seller Labs

Carina McLeod*

CEO eCommerce Nurse

Christian Här

Head of Digital Strategies at KAVAJ

Joerg Kundrath*

Co-founder and managing director of KAVAJ GmbH and the KAVAJ Academy

Richard Cram

Director of the Multistate Tax Commission’s National Nexus Program

Tyler Patzel

Founder and Director, WishingUWell

David Wohrman*

Senior Account Manager, Buy Box Experts

Steven Yates*

CEO of All Industry Consulting

Alon Gesthalter

CEO, Lilgift

Ed Rosenberg

Leader of ASGTG

Brent Bellm

CEO, BigCommerce
Michael Fleming

Michael Fleming

Director, Peisner Johnson

Michelle Love

Commercial Lines Producer, EMFord

Kai Klement*

Co-founder, Managing Director of KAVAJ GmbH and the KAVAJ Academy