Aaron O'Sullivan

How to Offload Tasks, Hire ‘A Players’ and Then On-board the Talent

03/19/2019 2:00 PM | 10
Aaron O'Sullivan
Systems, Culture & Impact

Aaron O’Sullivan is the Founder of Systems, Culture & Impact.His FBA trained agency works with busy 7 and 8 figure sellers to methodically remove operations off their plates’ and get them organized with a filing cabinet of SOP’s.He’s made it his teams mission to create more time freedom, income and fulfilment for his clients.Aaron is a specialist in quick, effective techniques that get highly profitable results for Amazon Business Leaders.He’s a serial entrepreneur who has been building e-commerce brands since 2013, selling millions of dollars in product sales across multiple niches and marketplaces. He’s been involved in growing large teams in the Philippines since 2014. His passions lie in working to help end child suffering through his business. His companies work with organizations on the ground to help the children of the Philippines break the poverty cycle by providing nutritional meals at schools where they can learn and be fed.Aaron strives to help other entrepreneurs do more meaningful work by using their business as a force for good.Aaron speaks regularly on this topic on podcasts and e-commerce events, recently holding workshops at the World Bank Group in Washington DC.

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