Josh Cowan

Amazon One Vendor- Fact or Fiction: Adapt to the Changing Environment

03/25/2020 2:15 PM | 10
Josh Cowan
Streiff Marketing

Josh is an Account Manager with Streiff Marketing. He has four years of experience working in both marketing and vendor management at Amazon, and has managed hundreds of manufacturers and distributors across both hard and soft goods within the Sports and Tools categories. Josh has an extensive knowledge of Amazon’s protocols and systems as well as strategic-level marketing aspirations, operational tactics, pricing considerations, and communication standards with vendor management teams and/or central support teams for 3P clients. While at Amazon, Josh was also the subject matter expert for restricted products (products not allowed to be sold on the Amazon platform) as well as Amazon’s distributor relationship business. Josh also has experience building brands from scratch using the Amazon platform as well as other sales channels to create demand for innovative product categories, using Amazon’s marketing levers on those products, and protecting brand equity and IP.

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