Sponsor Contract 2018

2018 PROSPER Show Exhibitor Agreement

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Every exhibitor / sponsor is required to provide PROSPER Show with one (1) original piece of educational content that will educate established Amazon sellers. We are looking for 600-1200 words of original content, which we will be posted on the com blog, and is required to be sent to info@prospershow.com by December 1, 2017. PROSPER will clearly brand this content as coming from the specific exhibitor /sponsor.
  2. Each exhibitor and sponsor is required to send out 1 email blast to its Amazon seller audience 30-45 days before the start of PROSPER Show. The PROSPER Show team will provide a custom discount code that can be offered through this email blast.
  3. Due to exclusive contracts with the convention center, all food & beverage must be purchased through Centerplate Catering (official caterer of the Las Vegas Convention Center is subject to change).
    1. No food or beverage will be permitted to be brought into the facilities without their permission.
    2. Alcohol is not allowed to be served at exhibitor booths without prior written approval by show management. The PROSPER Show Management reserves the right to deny approval. If you are found to be serving alcohol without permission, your company will not be offered the opportunity to buy a booth at the 2019 PROSPER Show.
  4. Every employee at the booth is required to have a conference ticket, including booth hosts/hostesses. Each single booth includes 4 conference tickets, each double booth includes 8 conference tickets. Any additional tickets for additional employees are priced at $599, up to 4 additional tickets per booth.
  5. When you book your booth or sponsorship, you are able to pay 30% deposit now and 70% remainder by January 25, 2018.
    1. All credit card charges will be accessed a 3% surcharge, If you make a 30% deposit using ACH, that amount is due within 30 days of booking your exhibitor booth or sponsorship – otherwise, we will release the exhibitor booth or sponsorship to our available inventory.
    2. If you have not paid 100% in full for your booth/sponsorship by February 16, 2018, you will not be provided with early bird access to booth/sponsorship opportunities for the 2019 PROSPER Show.
  6. You are required to provide Proof of Insurance for Exhibitors & Sponsors. Please read the hyperlinked file on the insurance requirements (these requirements are the same as the PROSPER Show 2017 event).
  7. All move-in activities must be completed between 10:00am and 4:00pm local Las Vegas time on Monday, March 12, 2018.
  8. Exhibitors are not allowed to break down their booths until the exhibit hall officially closes at 4:00p.m. on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.
    1. Breakdown and removal of all booth materials & equipment must be completed by 10pm Las Vegas Time on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.
    2. Early breakdown is a hazard to attendees walking the exhibit hall floor and is also a disadvantage to the exhibitors around you. Should you breakdown early, you will lose the ability to book a booth/sponsorship during the early bird phase for the PROSPER Show 2019. Please be considerate and plan your travel accordingly.
  9. The exhibitor hall will be open March 13, 2018 from 8:00am-9:00am, and 11:45am-7:30pm, and March 14, 2018 from 8:00am to 4pm.
  10. Exhibitors are to be available between 5:00-7:30pm on March 13, 2018 for a networking event.
  1. The networking event on March 13, 2018 may include beer, wine, and other beverages served within the exhibit hall. Please plan your travel accordingly.
  2. The maximum height for all in-line booths is 10 feet.
  1. Literature can only be distributed from your booth area and cannot be dropped off on tables or other common areas throughout the conference. Literature placed in the session rooms is reserved only for the sponsoring companies that secured those opportunities.
  1. Exhibitors shall observe the “good neighbor policy” at all times. Exhibits should be conducted in a manner not to be objectionable or offensive to neighboring booths. Booths should be set as to not block the line of site to other exhibitors. The use of musicians, entertainers, loud speakers, sound system equipment and noise making devices are restricted to within Exhibitor’s booth. Noise levels within your booth should not disrupt your neighbors.
  1. PROSPER Show does not provide any type of insurance coverage for exhibitor booth structure and materials. Exhibitors must maintain insurance that meets the requirements below, and email proof to PROSPER Show prior to the show.

Contact your insurance broker or carrier to obtain a policy to cover the value of your booth, equipment, product and supplies. If you already have property insurance, confirm that it will extend to your property during shipping and at the show. Many insurance policies only cover property at a listed location or within 1000 feet of that location. If you use an independent contractor for installation or dismantling, review the agreement carefully to determine what insurance may be available if damage occurs as a result of their negligence.

Confirm that you have adequate coverage to protect your interests from potential claims arising from the injury to a person other than an employee at your booth.

Exhibiting companies must have a Workers Compensation policy as required by law to insure your employees in the event of a work-related injury.

Confirm that an automobile liability policy is in place for any company owned vehicles used in connection with the show. Confirm that insurance is provided for any non-owned and/or hired vehicles used in connection with the show, including utility vehicles for loading and unloading.

In the event of damage or loss of property, or an accident or injury, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance broker or carrier immediately.

As stated in your Exhibitor Space Contract, an exhibitor shall, at their own expense, secure and maintain through the term of this contract, including move-in and move-out days, the insurance listed below. All such insurance shall be primary of any other valid and collectible insurance of the exhibitor and shall be written on an occurrence basis. Claims made policies are not acceptable and do not constitute compliance with exhibitor’s obligations under this paragraph. The following three types of insurance are required:

  • Workers’ Compensation insurance, unless you are the sole proprietor. Sole proprietor is a business entity that is owned and run by one individual. If you have even one other person in the booth working with you, you will need workers compensation coverage.
  • Comprehensive General Liability insurance with limits not less than $1,000,000 each occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate, combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage, including coverage for personal injury, contractual, and operation of mobile equipment, products and liquor liability (if applicable);
  • Automobile Liability insurance with limits not less than $500,000 each occurrence combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage, including coverage for owned, non-owned and hired vehicles, including loading and unloading operators. Auto coverage is only required if there is a vehicle in your booth or if you are using a designated loading/unloading area i.e. POV area.

Comprehensive general liability and automobile liability insurance policies shall name as additional insured PROSPER Show LLC and Emerald Expositions. If requested, copies of additional insured endorsements, primary coverage endorsements and complete copies of policies satisfactory to PROSPER Show, shall be furnished to PROSPER Show by January 25, 2018, emailed to info@prospershow.com. Certified copies of the Certificates of Insurance or policies shall provide that they may not be cancelled without 30 days advance written notice to:

Prosper Show LLC
10808 S. River Front Parkway, Suite 3047
South Jordan, UT 84095

If you have any questions, please call James Thomson at (206) 999-0109.

  1. All exhibitors are required to follow the PROSPER Show Photography and Video policyas
    outlined below:

Cameras and video equipment (including smart phones and other handheld devices) are allowed on the exhibit floor for use by individual exhibitor staff and attendees. Exhibitor staff and
attendees may take pictures and video on the exhibit floor for purposes of company
communications, marketing materials and social media efforts. Under no circumstances will
anyone be permitted to take pictures or video of an exhibitor’s product, staff or booth without the permission of the exhibitor. Exhibitors have the right to report to security any instance of
inappropriate recording of company products, staff or displays.

All photographs or video recordings should be attributed to PROSPER Show. Non-exhibiting vendors are not permitted under any circumstances to take photography or video at PROSPER Show including within the sessions, exhibit hall, common areas or any exhibiting company’s booth. Unauthorized photography or video recording is prohibited and will result in expulsion from the exhibition and conference without refund.

Photography and video/audio recording of any kind are strictly prohibited in all PROSPER Show sessions. Only PROSPER Show approved show photographers or videographers and credentialed news media are allowed to record any image or portion of educational sessions. Unauthorized photography or video during sessions will result in expulsion from the exhibition and conference without refund.

Media credentials are reserved exclusively for working members of the editorial media, including print, broadcast, radio or online, at the sole discretion of PROSPER Show management. Public relations, advertising and marketing personnel do not qualify for media credentials. All media are required to follow the photography and video policy outlined below. Approved media who abuse privileges or misrepresent themselves may have their credentials revoked and be removed from the conference.

Photography and videography at PROSPER Show, both in the sessions and in the exhibit hall, is
permitted for those with approved press credentials. You will require a camera tag issued by PROSPER Show in order to take photography or video in the sessions. Bring your camera with you to the Press Registration room to pick up your press credentials and camera tag. The camera tag must be affixed to your camera AT ALL TIMES. Only accredited press are eligible to receive a camera tag. Note: flash photography is only allowed during the first five minutes of any session.

Individual speakers and PROSPER Show management have the right to restrict photography and video recording in any individual session, and media must comply with this instruction, or they may have their credentials revoked and be removed from the conference. All photographs and video should be attributed to PROSPER Show and the appropriate exhibitor and/or speaker as applicable.